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Alice, Italy

"What a nice experience! What a great start to a day!„ 

Filip, Norway

"The beer bath actually made my skin so soft.„ 

Madeline, USA

"The time of my life! We left Spa Beerland absolutely relaxed.„ 

Charlie, London

"So cool! Amazing-quality beer!„ 

Oliver, Florida

"Awesome! 5-star treatment„ 

John, Canada

"A unique experience! I can recommend it to all beer lovers!„

Stephen, Canada


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History od the Beer Spa


The first spa were built in ancient China and Egypt where hot springs were used for personal hygiene, medical treatment and better immunity. The first beer spa was documented about 2000 years ago.

Beer baths, including beer drinking, were practiced by folk healers of the past – our grandmothers and great grandmothers recommended brewery yeast for the treatment of many ailments. Brewery yeast is a by-product of beer production. It has been used for medicinal purposes since antiquity.

PRAGUE (Praha) had become a significant centre already at the end of the 9th century, when the Přemysl dynasty chose it as its seat. Its greatest boom came under the reign of Charles IV, with Prague becoming the capital city of the Roman Empire for the first time. The unique architectural character of the city, with its medieval towers and its unmistakable Charles Bridge were designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site at the end of the 20th century.

At Golden Pear (U Zlaté Hrušky) Welcome to Rudolphine Prague at the turn of the 16th and 17th centuries. At that time Prague was a true labyrinth of the world, where cultural, artistic and scientific leaders of the time met, where research, discovery and creation were tireless. Prague was a true centre of cultural and scientific Europe. And all thanks to Rudolf II. Habsburg (18 July 1552, Vienna – 20 January 1612, Prague), Roman Emperor, King of Hungary, Bohemia and Croatia and Archduke of Austria.

An enthusiastic lover of the arts, patron and supporter of the sciences, Rudolf II contributed to the cultural flowering of the Czech lands and intensive international contacts in the field of science and culture. On the recommendation of the director of his alchemical workshops, a learned naturalist and his personal physician Tadeáš Hájek of Hájek, Rudolf II also invited the renowned Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe to Prague. At the end of the 16th century, Tycho Brahe had already been working for the Danish king for many years as a prominent astronomer whose observations with instruments made according to his own designs were so accurate that they were surpassed only after the discovery of the telescope. To capitalise on his genius, Tycho was commissioned by King Frederik II of Denmark to build private laboratories and observatories at Uranienborg and Stjerneborg on the island of Hven. He worked for over twenty years on the king’s gift of the island observatory. For his services he was awarded the highest Danish royal decoration, the Order of the Elephant, with which he is often portrayed. In his residence on the island of Hven, surrounded by extensive gardens, Tycho Brahe cultivated a wide variety of herbs, the medicinal effects of which this multi-talented scientist studied in detail.  

After his arrival in Prague, Tycho Brahe stayed in the house U Zlatého noha – a building adjacent to the house U Zlaté hrušky. After his arrival in Prague, Tycho Brahe was in close contact with his long-time friend and scientific colleague Tadeáš Hájek of Hájek, a great expert on Czech beer, who was the first to write a learned treatise on beer (De cerevisia eiusque conficiendi ratione).  Tycho and Hájek often drank the excellent beer from the Krušovice brewery, which Rudolf II bought for the Czech Crown in 1583. Tycho, who was familiar with the healing power of herbs, immediately discovered that the unique ingredient in beer that brings relaxation and relaxation to the body is Žatec hops. He did not hesitate to embark on studies and experiments to make the most of the great effects of hops for health and rejuvenation, as ordered by Emperor Rudolf II himself. Tycho carried out his research in alchemical laboratories that he set up in the cellars of a neighbouring building – the house of the Golden Pear – the house you are in today. After a series of experiments, Tycho concluded that the best effects of relaxation and overall regeneration of the body, calming of the nerves and rejuvenation of the skin are achieved in a whirlpool bath containing crushed hops and brewer’s yeast, followed by rest on a natural straw bed. The secret ingredient in the healing treatment was also the beer itself. A good mood and well-being not only during the treatment but also afterwards is promoted by continuous moderate sipping of Krušovice beer. Enjoy the Royal wellness!    

The First Beer Spa Beerland – the only original beer spa since 1981!





Come and try the original Spa Beerland® beer spas in a unique romantic environment by the warmth of a fireplace! Couples can choose whether they will enjoy the experience together in one tub or if they shall rather select the variant of each having their own tub. To ensure the maximum comfort and resulting effects, we recommend that couples reserve two tubs.

Come and have fun with friends and try out the first Czech Spa Beerland together! We offer exclusive bookings for groups of up to 16 people for one hour, in three separated and completely authentic rooms. We have prepared the unlimited consumption of tank beer for you, as well as natural baths or our exclusive cedar sauna with hops essences. Upon prior consultation, the capacity of people for the hour can be increased (up to 36 persons per hour).

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